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Walkie Channels Hollywood, CA

There’s a walkie channel for each department but ever wonder why that particular channel?

The International Alliance of Stage Employees, IATSE, have local unions within certain cities. Walkie channels are typically dedicated to a number that’s similar to the Local unions number.

1 - Production

2 - Open Line

3 - Teamsters
      Local 399

4 - Art
      IATSE Local 800: Art Directors Guild

5 - Open Line

6 - Camera
      IATSE Local 600: International Cinematographer Guild

7 - Lighting
      IATSE Local 728: Motion Picture Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians

8 - Grip
     IATSE Local 80: Motion Picture Studio Grips/Crafts Services
     *since this number is trumped by art it’s likely it could be different

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